Stop apologizing for simply existing

I realized that I was saying sorry for everything that I wasn’t sorry for and for so many things I even didn’t need to apologize for. And, I realized that other people also apologized way too often for things they don’t need to apologize for.

I think we often apologize assuming that people will appreciate our good manners and our politeness. However, in most cases, people are much more pleased to hear words of recognition from you rather than an apology. Over apologizing can lead others to lose confidence in you and your potentials. It also can lead you to lose confidence in yourself. So, I try saying “Thank you!” instead of “I am so sorry!”.

“Thank you for understanding me.” Instead of “Sorry, I’m not making a lot of sense.”

“Thank you for listening to me.” Instead of “Sorry, I know that I’m just annoying.” 

“Thank you for having hope in me.” Instead of “Sorry that I’m such a disappointment.”

Appreciate others for what they have already done, whether they know it or not. Don’t apologize for simply existing. Because it is not wrong. Everyone is special. Everyone is different. Everyone seems weird, annoying and egocentric sometimes. Instead of apologizing for who you are, be grateful for what the others do for you.

This leads to a different view of the world and of you: The world gets more colorful. You see people and suddenly you recognize so many things they do for you. Just for you. Eventually, you start appreciating their actions. Their patience. Their heart. Instead of looking at the things you could have done better, you look at others and  appreciate what they did for you. Life gets brighter for you and for the others. Trust me. Try it.

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  1. Ricky says:

    Thanks for such enthusiasm and positivity. It is truly worderful how changing guilty phrases into self approval statements can transform the way we see life.

    1. Mr.Brightside says:

      yeah, thats right! Even if it is not as easy as it sounds to chang the way we communicate 😉

  2. Hi i am the leather older man of dark skin from the other page.
    Thank you for being BRIGHT..And for reminding me. That love begins at HOME. Meaning for me inside the ruins like the ANCIENT SOUL within me. I have been single 8 years. And only i believe LOVED and in LOVE mutually once in the 90s. It was glorious spectacular …He was in traction hanging and ruled accidental… Anyway Paris at 16 was MAGNIFIQUE….And i learned the submissive leather sub part of me from the Leather Men. So. If i frightened you. I didnt mean to. I saw intellegence and kindness in your exquisite face and i was off and running. I lift my Piper Hidesick filled crystal goblet/ flute to you. And at 55 i am more hormonal than anything…no stalking i am very intent on finishing my memoir and FYI i can go from a Elegant Tuxedo to a jock in well used to in 0 to 60. But i am old darnit. …Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich, Amsterdam, KopenHagen
    Madrid, ibiza, Mallorca, Barcelona, Dubai, Ankara, all yesterday…should i leave today it would be to find nutral territory away from TERROR. WAR & POLITICS
    ..Thank you for kindness BLESS YOU and please respond …Continue your journey..Peacefully, Happily, safely, lavishly, always. Jake brightside of ahem…..!?⭐?

    1. Mr.Brightside says:

      Thank you for your honest words, Jake!

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